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Is your Director asking for a big raise?  Are you paying your Director or Curator competitively?

Find out by commissioning a compensation analysis for your exact situation.

You want to retain your best talent, but also not pay too much in a weak economy.

Our Executive Compensation Analysis will provide you with the knowledge you need.

  • It will also provide the validation you need for the new 990 forms and to ensure your compliance with new IRS regulations.
  • Our analytical approach incorporates museum salary surveys and industry formulas and ratios
    to provide you with a competitive salary range and benefit package for your Executive Director and/or key professionals.
  • We keep current on compensation and industry trends, because we are specialists in museums and are constantly doing searches for directors and senior staff.  We always have the latest museum-industry data.
    • We also consider your management goals and budget realities.
    • We factor in regional norms. Our expertise is national, but we specialize in the Northeast and New England.
  • We can usually do a single pay analysis within two weeks, and we are flexible to meet your deadlines.
  • Our fees are fair and reasonable.  We use a fixed fee for services, so that you can control your budget.  Our mission is to serve museums, and we recognize your nonprofit status.
  • Obtaining reports on more than one museum professional at the same time can often result in efficiencies of scale and reduced fees.

References are available from satisfied clients.

If you are looking for excellent expertise and service in museum compensation analysis, call us at 603-432-7929 or email for fees and more information.